Eat, Drink and Be Merry

January 19, 2022 BB 0

Sharing Beijing bar and restaurant info from a consumer viewpoint since 2006. This site doesn’t aim to cover everything, just one person’s experience of the scene. If you seek value, see my lists for happy hour […]

Nali Patio | The Final Countdown

February 3, 2023 BB 0

The end is nigh for Nali Patio, say four sources who are involved in this Sanlitun food hub and expect to end operations there in late June at the latest. Several also expect the landlord […]

The Rug | Schnitzel Shan tops new brunch menu

February 3, 2023 BB 0

A final Year of the Tiger lunch at The Rug—featuring two new dishes and two oldies but goodies—with old Canuck friend Bon S. Peel. Newcomers first: The “Double-Cheese Chicken Schnitzel” feels destined to be a […]