Nali Patio | The Final Countdown

The end is nigh for Nali Patio, say four sources who are involved in this Sanlitun food hub and expect to end operations there in late June at the latest. Several also expect the landlord to level the structure and build anew.

This might feel like déjà vu given the chaos last June as the fifteen-year lease of the sub-landlord neared expiration and uncertainty loomed. Windows got smashed, the elevator dismantled, parts of the building demolished by heavy machinery. There was much concern, even resignation, that spots like Niajo, Mosto, M Natural and Bottega were done like dinner.

But when the construction dust cleared, the venues had a renewed lease on life with the main landlord. A one-year lease. And barring some major shift, the clock is now ticking, though there is more than enough to enjoy many more drinks and meals. Here’s hoping all those venues find new homes and make the shift from Nali to new places as seamlessly as possible.

And kudos to the tenants of Nali Patio for giving us so much culinary joy over the years, from early ones like The Saddle Cantina and Let’s Burger to mainstays like Niajo and Moka Bros to more recent additions like Bottega and M Natural.

And for giving so many memories: from Mosto’s pre-opening with medal-winning athletes from the 2008 Olympics in attendance to the big fideua party in the courtyard to all those lunches, brunches, parties and cooking demonstrations when Migas ruled the rooftop.

Hopefully, Nali Patio’s tenants can avoid the wrecking ball once more, though it sounds like the building itself is also facing the end, with rumors that a foreign department store might take over. Anyway, if the end is nigh, there is still time to make more memories.

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