Home Boyce | Meal delivery options in Beijing

February 23, 2020 BB 0

Quarantined in your Beijing apartment and tired–if your cooking skills mirror mine–of dumplings for the twentieth time in twenty days? Our fair city has lots of good delivery options, including new ones courtesy of restaurants […]

Ghost Town | Two weeks of Beijing emptiness

February 14, 2020 BB 0

I had my first restaurant meal in almost one month yesterday–a delicious three-course lunch at Hulu washed down with red wine and a coffee. Life felt somewhat normal for 90 minutes. I later posted photos […]

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Beijing value | A dozen Tuesday food deals

February 4, 2020 BB 0

It’s Tuesday, many people are two weeks into home quarantine and some are hankering to get out. If you really can’t stay at home and amuse yourself with hand washing each hour and WeChat checks […]

Unhappy hours | Sanlitun Sans Persons

February 4, 2020 BB 0

The usually chaotic free-for-all blood pressure-inducing junction of Sanlitun South and Gongti North looked like this at 6 PM last night: Eerie. Especially as the Chinese New Year holidays should have ended by now and […]

Food to go | Hulu delivery to start Wednesday

February 3, 2020 BB 0

The stay-in-Beijing stay-at-home food-and-drink-delivery crowd just got another option to hold them over during the coronavirus crisis as Hulu restaurant announced it will start delivery, including its popular ‘power lunch’, from Wednesday. Hulu is handling […]