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Two for one. Buy one get one free. All you can guzzle. Etc. Here are some drink deals at select Beijing bars and restaurants.

I try to be accurate but deals change, bars close, I make typos, so it’s drinker beware. I regularly post deals in my WeChat deals group (contact me via ‘beijingboyce’) and on Twitter.

♥ = favorites. ⊕ = newly added. BOGOF = buy one, get one free. See food deals here. And Chinese wines here. And support this site here.

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11 AM- 7 PM

Craft Container | Snack buffet plus two-hours free-flow select drinks, 元198.

11 AM- 10 PM

Union (Opposite House) | Half-price Champagne.

12 PM-7 PM

Buona Bocca (Xindong Road) | BOGOF wine by glass; buy two, get one free spritzers; buy bottle of wine over 元300, get free snack plate, Mon-Fri.

2 PM-8 PM

Paddy O’Shea’s | 30% off most drinks; BOGOF free mixers, local draft, Mon-Fri.

3 PM-7 PM

Bistro 108 | 元30 house drinks, BOGOF Asahi, 元38 Aperol spritz

Jing-A (Xingfucun, Qianliang Hutong branches) | 元10 off all draft beers, cocktails, Mon-Fri.

3 PM-8 PM

♥ Hulu (Taikooli South, Shunyi branches) | BOGOF cocktails, select wines, beers. 6 cocktails delivered for 元150. Daily.

Red Lobster (Taikooli South) | BOGOF wines, beers, cocktails, mocktails, daily.

Groovy Schiller’s (Sanlitun) | Discounts on bottled, draft beers, more, Mon-Fri.

3:30 PM-6:30 PM

♥ Jenny Lou’s (behind German embassy) | 元58 free-flow beer, 元98 free-flow wine, beer, Mon-Fri. Until August 31.

4 PM-7 PM

Boxing Cat | 元35 house beers, drinks.

Lily’s American Diner (LAD) | BOGOF signature cocktails, mixed drinks (regular 元50), Zeffer cider (元39), wine (元35). beer (元25).

Moka Bros (Nali Patio) | 元35 cocktails, house wine, Tsingtao. Nice Bloody Marys, daily.

Blue Frog | BOGOF cocktails, house wine, juice, soft drinks, daily.

Element Fresh | BOGOF Tsingtao, cocktails, house wine, daily.

Brotzeit | Select BOGOF beer, Mon-Thu; All draft BOGOF, Fri-Sun.

Side Street | BOGOF house mixers, 元10 off draft beer, daily.

4 PM-8 PM

Turkish Feast | BOGOF cocktails, wine by glass, Turkish soda, select beer, Sun-Thu.

4 PM-10 PM

Centro (Kerry Centre) | BOGOF cocktails. Try the martinis, daily.

5 PM-6 PM

Paddy O’Shea’s | ‘Crazy Irish Hour‘: BOGOF Magners, Guinness, Jamesons, more, Mon-Fri.

5 PM-7 PM

O’Steak | BOGOF house wine, draft beer, pastis, shooters, daily.

5 PM-8 PM

Eudora Station (Lido) | BOGOF select drinks, 元30 house craft beer, daily.

5 PM-8:30 PM

♥ Jenny Lou’s (behind German embassy) | 元58 free-flow beer, 元98 free-flow wine, beer, Sat-Sun. Until August 31.

5 PM-9 PM

Beer Boom | 50% off cocktails, pizzas, Fri-Sun.

5 PM-10 PM

Lenore’s Bar | 元30 craft beer, daily

Prodigy Brewing, 元10 off all beers, Tue-Sun.

6 PM-9 PM

VICU In & Out Yunnan | 元35 select cocktails, daily.

Lily’s American Diner Sanlitun, 元138 wine buffet.

9 PM-close

Georgia’s Feast | Half-price Chacha (Georgian ‘grappa’), daily.

Superfly (Opposite House) | 元10 off all drinks.



Fang Bar at El Nido | Buy two, get one free cocktails, Monday nights.

Georgia’s Feast | Half-price Duglaze wines from Georgia, 5-9 PM.

Boxing Cat | All-day beer happy hour, 元35 per glass.

Bottega | Two glasses of wine plus cold cuts. From 5 PM. 元98.

Bistro 108 | First drink on house for dine-in customers before 7 PM.


Bistro 108 | 50% off wine list, dine-in only, 6 PM-10 PM.

The Local (Sanlitun South) | BOGOF margaritas, 4-10 PM.

La Social (Nali Patio) | All-day happy hour.

Vesuvio (Bottega JinShang) | 元38 Negronis from 5 PM

Georgia’s Feast | Half-price Monastery Iveron wines from Georgia, 5-9 PM.


O’Steak (Xingfucun) | ‘Friends night’, BOGOF select drinks all night.


Paddy O’Shea’s | 30% off cider all day, dozens of picks.

Moka Bros | All-day happy hour, 元35 all cocktails, house wine, beer.

Vesuvio (Bottega JinShang) | 元38 Gin & Tonic from 5 PM.

Side Street | Pisco, amaretto, whiskey sours, BOGOF, from 7 PM.


♥ Pebbles (Wudaying) | BOGOF margaritas all day.

♥ XL (Xindong Road) | Happy hour drinks all night.


XL (Xindong Road) | 元35 Guinness, 元100 bottles of wine.

Paddy O’Shea’s | 30% off most drinks; BOGOF mixed drinks, Carlsberg, local draft, 2 PM to 6 PM.

♥ Pi Bar | 元40 mixers–gin tonics, rum Cokes, etc–from 9 PM.

Beersmith | Free-flow beer, wine, sparkling wine, 元158, 11 AM-4 PM or 4 PM-8 PM.

Side Street |Free-flow bubbly, 元149, 12:30 PM-15:30 PM; 3 hours of free-flow Aperol spritz, 元180, from 7 PM..


Beersmith | Free-flow beer, wine, sparkling wine, 元158, 11 AM-4 PM or 4 PM-8 PM.

Paddy O’Shea’s | 30% off most drinks; BOGOF mixed drinks, Carlsberg, local draft, 2 PM to 6 PM.

Vesuvio (Bottega JinShang) | 元38 Spritz.

♥ XL (Xindong Road) | BOGOF drinks except Guinness.

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