Jing It On: Tempting Food Coma at the Taproom

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Tasty snacks, consistent brews, a relaxed vibe at the bar indoors and courtyard outdoors, and a walking distance of approximately two Huey Lewis and The News songs from my abode–yes, I downloaded a bunch of classic 80’s tunes recently– have all made Jing-A Taproom one my top-five regular stops.

I enjoyed the Wednesday night chili deal again this week, this time with food specialist DZ Rider. Co-owner Kristian Li happened to be on hand and threw down a bunch of other eats to sample. The collage above shows all of the food we shoved down our keg holes:

  • The kimchi Reuben is intriguing with its slab of brisket, kimchi from Palms L.A., and South German Bakery ‘power bread’. You get a real mouthful of meat and I like the house pickles on the side. If the sound of all this piques your curiosity, I suggest you indulge it.
  • The sliders offer a fairly harmonious combination of flavors, with the bacon up top and pickle down low providing a certain je ne cest quoi, although both DZ and I thought a mustard side would do well.
  • The Buffalo wings are good, though I must profess loyalty to Union Bar & Grille, with The Local and former The Box also contenders. But these will hit the spot for anyone seeking a Buffalo sauce fix.
  • And the chili, our reason for going, was delicious. There is always a spiciness issue where some like a touch of heat while others want a five-alarm fire in their mouths. Last night’s batch had enough kick for fire lovers while being acceptably mild to all but the weakest of eaters. It’s a deal at rmb30 on Wednesdays.

By the way, try the Baird ‘Shuzenji Heritage Helles‘ lager from Japan while it lasts. A refreshing tipple. On both visits this week, I started with a pint of this and then followed up with the Black Velvet Vanilla Stout.

(Note: Let me preempt queries as to whether I am involved in Jing-A given similarities in that brewery’s and this blog’s logo. I’m not. Not one kuai. As noted, I like Jing-A because of the food, beer, vibe and proximity to my abode. And if the crowd last night–which packed the place inside and out–is any indication, so do many others.)

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