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I get lot of queries about beer, especially ‘craft’ beer, so I created a general page about the local brew scene. That scene has grown by hops and bounds since I arrived just over a decade ago. Before the 2008 Olympics, brew pub options were limited, the arrival of something like Stella draft was enough to generate excitement, and some people’s heads spun in delight when the likes of Rogue, Saranac and North Coast started to turn up just before The Games. So much has changed since then in terms of choice and availability.

I’ll maintain the beer page at this link. It’ll have info on brewers and brew pubs, like Arrow Factory, Jing-A and Great Leap, and bars and shops with nice beer options, like Beer Mania, Trouble and El Nido.

I don’t claim to be a beer expert nor this page to be comprehensive. It’s simply one person’s look at what’s out there. You can see it here. And you can reach me at beijingboyce (at) yahoo. com.


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