Maovember memories | Pizza Cup, Paddy O’Shea’s & Cafe de la Poste

The fourth annual Maovember charity campaign teamed thousands of people in dozens of venues in six cities. I’ve covered it in full at the official site and will do a few flashback posts here as well.

The Beijinger held its annual Pizza Cup on October 15 and October 16 and gave Maovember a booth so that the pie guzzling, craft beer gulping, music listening masses could learn a bit more about this year’s mission to help Good Works and Library Project. The second day saw some fierce corn toss action as contestants got four shots for rmb20 and won prizes donated by neighboring booth CHEERS, including key rings, bottle openers and bottles of wine, as well as picnic blankets from The Beijinger.

The team at Kentucky Ale carried over a cooler of IPA, and later some pumpkin ale, for Maovember to sell. Thanks to The Beijinger for the booth, to CHEERS for the prizes (and funky music by DJ O When) and Kentucky Ale for the beer. The corn toss and beer raised rmb680 and rmb860 respectively.


Over 50 people put their brains together to help charity as Paddy O’Shea’s held its third annual Maovember quiz on October 26. This year’s event included rounds focused on topics related to Maovember (mustaches) and 2016 partners Good Works (coffee) and Library Project (books). The fundraising effort also include revenue from picklebacks and, a few days later, corn toss sessions with a mystery character known as Maovember Man. The total raised from pins, drinks and games was rmb3200.


Eager tasters tested their tongues on French and Chinese wines during an event at Cafe de la Poste on October 27. Attendees tried pairs of wines, one French and one Chinese, and guessed what country each one hailed from and voted on what they liked best. With eight wines on hand, there was plenty to go around, and plenty of debate, too. Afterward, attendees played ‘basket-bola’–using paper balls and an ice bucket in lieu of a basket—-for rmb10 per game and enjoyed Good Works coffee shots at rmb20 per serving, all funds to Maovember. The event raised rmb900 from the tasting and rmb530 from the coffee shots and basket-bola, for a total of rmb1430.


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