Literally drink your face off | Guinness beer printers in Beijing

You can now drink (an image of) your face off a delicious Guinness at Groovy Schiller’s in Beijing. It’s Guinness’ take on a selfie–called a “Stoutie”–and uses malt extract as “ink”.

Groovy Schiller’s had just set up its machine yesterday when I popped by for a coffee as a break from last-minute Chinese New Year tasks like stocking up on White Rabbit candies. (Those, incidentally, go nicely with coffee.)

Anyway, co-owner Jack Zhou snapped a photo of me getting caffeinated. A few minutes later, he set down a Guinness featuring that image in its foam, and I happily enjoyed both libations.

I learned a few hours later that Paddy O’Shea’s also has a Guinness printer and was making full use of it, including with a naughty Santa-inspired image. Here’s that one and a few others posted from both bars last night.

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