Double hottiness | Spicy delights at The Rug

I’ve really enjoyed a pair of dishes with fiery twists at The Rug this year.

The first pairs fiery Sichuan peppercorn sauce with pork neck (tender!) and soba noodles, then adds a sweet edge via The Rug’s homemade tapioca balls — the same ones found in bubble tea. Loads of flavor sensations: expect to break a sweat.

The second is mapo doufu pizza. I wrote about this dish earlier this year. It might sound strange but that firm tofu op plus lots of spice power make for one delicious pie.

Want to make it a hot threesome? Aden from The Rug suggests the Sichuan-style mussels, which have been listed on the menu for ages.

From flavors to plating to vibe, The Rug has consistency across the board. Their burger is a tasty cheesy bacon-y delight. The battered lamb brains a unique way to start a meal. The passionfruit souffle a nice way to end it.

The Rug also stocks a couple of baijius from Guanyun that held up well with that spicy fare.

Here’s some photos a recent taste test there — plus one of the mapo tofu pizza. (The photos are from the original Chaoyang Park branch but the dishes are available at all four Rug locations in Beijing.)

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