Boo-jing! 60+ Beijing Halloween events this weekend

Plenty of people asking about Halloween parties. And Beijing is once again delivering with a haunted house’s worth of choices.

Below are 60-plus posters for costume parties, live music, cocktail specials, themed meals and more that I pulled from my WeChat timeline and that are slated for this weekend. Many of the events are free, some have entry fees; I was too tied up today to research them all, so best to check if in doubt. And also to make sure the event is on given the recent COVID situation in Beijing.

This holiday has long been popular in Beijing: when I arrived here a dozen-plus years ago, my first weekend included a Halloween bash at the former Tango Club! And the number of parties has steadily grown since. The posters cover many of the scary events out there is lots more happening, too.

For those who plan to be out and a-boo-t this weekend, expect to be showing your green health code. Eat, drink and be scary — and safe.

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