Parachute club: Four hours of free booze at DB Cooper on Saturday

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DB Cooper” the man hijacked a Boeing 727 in 1971 and — after ordering the passengers off, the authorities to load USD200,000 on, and, once back in the air, the skeleton crew to stay in the cockpit — parachuted from 3,000 meters into a stormy night. He was never found and his case remains the sole unsolved air-jacking in U.S. history.

“DB Cooper” the Sanlitun Soho store is named after the man and is primarily a jeans retailer, although the space also includes a cafe, and a 360-degree video room, powered by 20 projectors, where themed dinners costs thousands of renminbi, and staff members dressed as airline pilots.

On Saturday this spot will add another quirk in the form of a sports bar focused on cheap drinks (think Heaven Supermarket). That mission will launch with four hours — 8 PM to midnight — of select free flow cocktails popular in the early 1970s (think Screwdrivers).

The plan is for DB Cooper to then operate as a sports bar daily from 9 PM till 2 AM, and possibly at other times if demand is sufficient. According to a post on weixin, the drink options will include shots at 10 kuai, beer from 10 kuai and cocktails at 20 kuai. And for entertainment, there will be darts, Xbox games and karaoke, as well as a massive screen for viewing sports.

DB Cooper is in Sanlitun Soho on the B1 Level of Building 6 (southwest corner of the complex) in the same general area as Don Chicken and the new N Beer Pub.

See poster below for exact address / apparent expected vibe.

db cooper promo

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