Centro: Provides happy hour value, protects your nuts

centro martinis peanuts kerry center beijing china

Centro, the first bar I visited when I moved to Beijing over a decade ago, offers good happy hour value. Two martinis, and well-made ones at that, for 80 kuai? That strikes me as around the same price as when I first visited this place.

And Centro also offers a solution to the peanut-sharing problem, namely, that only about half of the men who use the toilet wash their hands after doing so* and thus any time you find yourself sharing gratis snacks at a table with four guys the odds are two of them are adding extra flavor.

The Centro solution? Forget bowls and go for narrow containers like that pictured below. One must tip to get at the snacks and that lessens the chances of getting someone else’s sweat on your nuts.

* Based on one decade of observations.

centro martinis peanuts kerry center beijing china (2)

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