Sound check: Fubar to focus on live music on weekends

bye bye kitty at australia day party 2015 at fubar beijing china

Veteran speakeasy Fubar will double as a live music venue on Fridays and Saturdays, says Justin Richardson, a veteran of the Beijing scene who formed the band Big Aeroplane in 1997 and is more recently known for projects like Strange Visitations. He is teaming up with bar owner Kevin Zhang on the project. Fans of those Buddha-shaped booze glasses at Fubar can rest assured they will remain available.

Saturday night saw nineties tribute band Bye Bye Kitty play as part of an Australia Day party that included Two Guys and a Pie selling more than a half-dozen comfort food options in the hot dog fronting Fubar, Australia beers VB and Coopers, and numerous rounds of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!” Lead singer Rich Akers fully tested the second floor stage — see photo above — to ensure safety for future acts. You can check the schedule via the bar’s new website here.

two guys and a pie australia day party 2015 at fubar beijing china.jpg

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