No more funny business: Commix now a chuanr joint

chuanr joint between bbc and corner melt beijing china

The former Commix bar space that is sandwiched between BBC and The Corner Melt, and that I hoped would be taken over by one of those two establishments, has reopened as a chuanr joint. Patrons can choose from about two dozen chuanr options in a display basket (see above), with a larger food menu said to be in the works. I opted for twenty meat chuanr and a large Yanjing — the bar’s preferred serving vessels are bowls (see below).

When it comes to chuanr, this place is inspired by a minimalist bent. Many had only one or two tiny pieces of meat. On top of this, I was under the impression each cost one kuai, but it turns out they were double that and, with the beer, the bill came to 60 kuai, a bit much for that amount of food and drink.

Anyway, it was only their fourth day open so I imagine some kinks are yet to be worked out. And let’s hope they are, since this place plans to remain open until 2 AM and would be a nice option for late drinkers at neighboring establishments.

chuanr joint between bbc and corner melt beijing china (2)

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