Get on board: DIY gin tonics at Janes & Hooch

monkey 47 thomas henry diy gin tonic janes and hooch beijing china.jpg

Needed a place last night to both meet my friend LB and enjoy good cocktails, and opted for happy hour at Janes & Hooch. This place has a buy one, get one for rmb 70 deal on about ten cocktail options from 7 PM to 9 PM. I stuck to gin, starting with a Fiddy Diddy, which uses oolong-infused vermouth, and ending with an old standby, a Negroni.

While conversing and imbibing, we noticed a board with three round indents and inquired to its purpose. Turns out its for DIY gin and tonics. LB ordered one and soon faced a glass of ice, a bottle of Thomas Henry tonic water and a 50 ml bottle of Monkey 47 gin. Plus a variety of flavoring options, including star anise, dried flowers, dried lemon, a lime wedge and a cinnamon stick, with the latter doubling as a stir stick. LB opted to use less than half of the tonic water, in order to not unduly dilute the gin, and gave the ensuing concoction a thumbs up. This one is worth a try if you are a gin tonic fan or just want to have some fun.

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