Sips & Bites: Hockey Night in Beijing, Jing-A Brunch Deal, Capit’er Spirits,

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It’s the time of year to lace ’em up for Hockey Night in Beijing. This year’s event features The United States vs The World on May 15 and Canada versus Finland on May 16. That’s two chances to heckle the other team (“I’ve seen better hands on a digital clock!”) and the officials (“Hey ref, does your wife know you’re screwing us!?”) while cheering your own (“Holy moly, what a goalie!”). Get your tickets at The Irish Volunteer. Get details in the poster above.

I noted a few days ago that Jing-A now has weekend brunch from 11 AM to 2 PM. What I didn’t realize is that brunch is a special price during the “soft launch”: rmb98 gets you antipasto, a main and a dessert. Plus a free beer cocktail called the Beer Belly-ni if you post a picture of the brunch on WeChat or Instagram. Plus, it’s 10-kuai off all beers if you go on Sunday. See the menu here, RSVP at 6501-8883.

Finally, the guys at Capital Spirits will soon open a second bar. It’s kind of a secret. The only people who know are a bunch out of the thirty or so who were in the bar on Tuesday night. Plus, I’m guessing, the same on Wednesday night. And Thursday night. Also, several outside sources told me. Honestly, I am good at keeping secrets but there is a point when the word is out! Look for the new place to open within three months, to include plenty of spirits and to be within 500 miles — or was it 500 meters? — of the current one.

By the way, if you have ever wanted to explore baijiu in a non-ganbei environment, Capital Spirits is a must-go. Start with the intro flight — 10 ml shots of four different baijiu styles — for 40 kuai and chose a route from there. You can wash it down with refreshing Sinkiang lager.

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  1. Yup, we are aiming to open the new place by June 1. Still focused on spirits but this time not baijiu. Location near Dongsi 12 Tiao on Xinsi Hutong. For all those who may have trouble finding it we plan to have a free rickshaw service btwn the two locations on Friday and Saturday nights during the summer.

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