New York Fries: In Beijing, with a New Jersey friend, who knows them from Toronto

new york fries joy city chaoyang beijing china (2)

I went to New York Fries in Beijing on Thursday with a friend: 1) who is a food writer, so I got a chance to see how the pros work: guest what, they eat fries just like normal people, and 2) who told me the highlight of her vacations from New Jersey to Toronto as a youth was to eat fries at this chain. Also of note: fries topped with cheese sauce and gravy are known as “disco fries” in New Jersey.

Anyway, NYF lists poutine on the menu but purists will be disappointed that cheese curds have been swapped for mozzarella, although this was still a delicious snack. So, too, the all-dressed fries, which for me was the surprise of the tasting with its medley of flavors. We’re told all of the fries are fresh cut and never frozen.

As for the three-cheese slathered hot dog in the photo: it was okay. I recommend you take advantage of the option to switch out the wiener for a spicy sausage as it got a thumbs up from the New Jersey demographic. The wings were okay, too.

If you’re hungry for fries, and you’re in the neighborhood–8F, Joy City Chaoyang, near the cinema–it’s worth a stop. There are also tons of other places to eat and drink, particularly on the sixth floor. I had no idea Jazz-Ya had opened a branch there.

Also look for the owners to open a branch in Sanlitun in October.

new york fries joy city chaoyang beijing china

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