CHEERS to beers: Wine shop chain to sell Shangri-La craft brew

shangri-la craft brewery in yunnan cheers wine shop china.jpg

Look for the more than a dozen outlets of wine shop chain CHEERS in Beijing to soon carry beer from craft brewery Shangri-La in Yunnan.

The brewery, operated by a team of Swiss-Chinese, officially launched its new facilities two weeks ago and, as you can tell by the photos, it includes a nifty tasting room and plenty of fancy equipment.

A few months ago, I met a couple of guys involved in this project, and they didn’t seem overly impressed with what the craft brewers in our fair city had to offer. Now I guess we’ll see how their brew stacks up!

CHEERS has been diversifying over the last few years and will now include these beers along with its new spirits additions. It has also been boosting its event schedule, with everything from cocktail-making sessions to comedy nights.

(Thanks to Fundue for the photos)


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