Dunkin’ Donuts | Free for Pats fans this Sunday at Paddy’s

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Just over a year ago, word came that Dunkin’ Donuts would open 14oo branches in China and now it looks like Beijing will get its first branch at the end of January. If you are a fan of this chain and a few weeks’ wait is too long, you can grab a Dunkin’ donut this weekend as a long as a) you are a New England Patriots fan or willing to pretend to be one and b) you show up at Paddy O’Shea’s early Sunday morning.

According to The Beijinger owner / New England Patriots fan / Dunkin’ Donuts lover Mike Wester, he will have 200 donuts of “various shapes and flavors” for his team’s playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs that kicks at 5 AM on Sunday.

“You must fly some New England colors to grab a donut,” says Wester. “KC [Kansas City] fans get munchkins only.”

Those colors would be red, white and blue. Apparel with the Patriots logo counts.

Wester says the beverage lineup will include Irish coffees (rmb35) plus Cape Codders (vodka and cranberry) and Samuel Adams beer.

They’ll also hoist a banner for cancer victim Dorian Murray.

So, where are all those donuts coming from if Dunkin’s isn’t yet open? The company’s training kitchen in Beijing.

No word yet if our fair city will also soon get a Tim Hortons.

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