Yashow stopper | CHEERS branch running weekday drinks specials

CHEERS is already a reliable place to grab a bottle or two of reasonably good, reasonably priced wine, either for takeaway or drinking on site. (Case in point, two bubblies from CHEERS did well in last year’s Grape Wall Challenge, where we asked Chinese consumers to judge wines that retail for under 100 kuai—results here.)

Now CHEERS is positioning its Yashow branch, one of 18 in the city, as more of a bar. That means weekday drink specials and a greater focus on spirits.

I went this week for the first Monday night margarita promotion and witnessed marketing manager David Schaumann whip up cocktails for rmb20 each. That’s a hard price to beat. Here are all the deals:

  • Mondays: Margaritas or Whiskey Sours for 元20
  • Tuesdays: Students who bring their IDs can get a “Premier” sparkling wine for 元45
  • Wednesdays: Any group of four women gets a free bottle of sparkling wine
  • Thursdays: All-you-can-drink select sparkling, white and red wine for 元88.
  • Friday: Shots for 元5

There will also be live music from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Sundays. If those specials don’t appeal, and you’re on a tight budget, you can grab a bottle of wine for under 元100. If you like bubbly, with a bit of sweetness, give the Marquis Bernard a try.

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