Er-chikura | Legendary Beijing cocktail bar reincarnated at Workers Stadium West

ichikura workers stadium west cocktail and whisky bar beijing china (3)
Kuroki Koji returns with a second Ichikura.

One of Beijing’s all-time best bars, Ichikura, packed up its hundreds of whiskies in late December after a 12-year run near Chaoyang Theater. The second Ichikura—ErChikura?—will officially open tonight in the club area at Workers Stadium West.

Fans will find some continuity. Owner Kuroki Koji is again behind the bar to oversee drinks and service. He has an impressive spirits list, with 400-plus whiskeys, including 200-plus Scottish single malts (from rmb80), 70 Japanese options (same) and 60 Bourbons (from rmb70). And he offers seating both at a long bar and tables. As for cocktails, the ‘soft opening’ menu had 12 options at rmb100, with more to come.

The endearing seclusion of the old Ichikura—a visit required going through a deserted parking lot and up two flights of rickety stairs—is not easily duplicated in an area crowded will club-goers and sprinkled with Ferraris and Lamborghinis. But Ichikura is as secluded as can be given its location off the back corner of a second-floor deck. You can only get so far from the clubs, though, and you might feel some bass from below.

To reach Ichikura, go to the SE corner of the building with Coco Banana. Take the stairs, go through the outdoor seating area, and turn right at the end. Ichikura is just inside the door.

ichikura workers stadium west cocktail and whisky bar beijing china
The Herbal Salty Dog at the new Ichikura.

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