Hot take | I hate flaming drinks. These videos show why.

It’s bad enough to wake up to a raging hangover. Imagine the previous night’s shenanigans also included incinerating your privates. Not good.

I’ve never been a fan of flaming drinks and discovered the umpteenth example why as I did research for World Baijiu Day last night. The video below features a guy who tries to down a glass of flaming baijiu but instead lights his crotch on fire. (Hopefully this is never seen as a preferred alternative to a vasectomy.)

From the B-52 to the Lamborghini, a flaming drink always contains the potential for disaster. And the potency of baijiu makes it seem doubly dangerous. My own introduction to this spirit was over 15 years ago in Inner Mongolia when a guide threw some on our bonfire and grinned like a maniac as the liquid exploded into flames. Yeah, convergence of that stuff, fire and someones face seems like a really bad idea.

And these things do happen. A friend in Qingdao once told me about a fellow drinker whose face caught on fire and burned for an agonizing half-dozen seconds until he ran around the bar and doused the guy with a pint of beer. Not a nice sight. Or smell.

And if you need any more convincing, see the examples in this video:

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