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The Must Tries Series asks restaurant and bar people in Beijing to tell us the best items from their menus plus where they like to eat and drink. This edition features Charlie from Union Bar & Grille, which is slated to close as early as this Friday, though there is word a one- or two-month extension might be in the pipeline. Whatever the case, here are his picks.

If I’m only ever going to try one item at Union, what’s the “must try”?

The barbecue combo. You get a half chicken, a half rack of ribs, fries, slaw and homemade sauce. It’s awesome.

How about the “must try” dessert?

Apple pie. [Nope. It’s another barbecue combo.]

And the “must try” drink?

That would be our moonshine Old Fashioned, something I’d planned to add to the permanent menu. It’s stunning. We also have the best Guinness deal, rmb35 every day from 4 PM to 8 PM, including weekends.

How about other “must-tries” for the busy manager / man about town?

XL. There’s a lovely mix of people and Jane [the manager] is great.

Paddy’s. For the sports, for the draft Magners, for ‘Paul squared’ [investor Paul Wong and manager Paul Rochon]. Their burgers are nice and so is the beef and Guinness dish.

Jing Zun, the duck place on Chun Xiu Road. Great duck, great value.

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