Pho real? Beijing bars as buddy cop productions

By Jim Boyce | Ever had insomnia, spent hours counting sheep, and suddenly thought to yourself, “Myself, what if Beijing bar and restaurant names were used for buddy cop shows?” Me too! Here’s the first half of the Fall 2016 lineup. The second half is in the queue…

jun trinh 4 corners and 8-bit poster
4 Corners & 8-Bit
: When an absent-minded IT genius leaves an experimental “robo cop” called 8-Bit at a Vietnamese restaurant in Beijing, the head chef uses his newfound e-partner to take on a shadowy local gang called The Solid Gold Dream Machine.

This movie is pho real.Rotten Potatoes

Two Guys & a P.I.: Hilarity ensures when a pair of vacationing Aussie cops team with a savvy Beijing detective to solve comfort food crimes in the “dirty street” nightlife area.

You can have your P.I. and eat it, too.Hollywood Reporter

Janes & Hooch: Finnicky cop Jennifer Janes and tough-as-nails partner Hank Hooch time-travel to the 1930s to stop a diabolical bathtub gin maker from blinding the planet.

Rub-a-dub-dub, two cops a tub.Prohibition-era Movies Review

Migas & Carmen II: Spanish serial killer and molecular food specialist F.I. Deua has escaped jail and is once again turning his victims into tapas, with only the culinary skills of the wise-cracking Barcelona Boys left to stop him.

A cutting-edge film.The BeiFinger

Heaven & Belle: It’s a modern-day odd couple as two special agents—lovable slob Mark “Super” Heaven and prim and proper Belle Banger—pursue craft beer gang The Great Hoppers.

A pint-sized comedy that delvers a keg of fun.Beijing Beer Movies Monthly

Nellie & Paddy: Irish plus-sized model / limericist / detective ‘Durty’ Nellie endures a love-hate relationship with compatriot / romantic interest / former athlete Paddy O’Shea as they track a counterfeit Jameson whisky ring during Sanlitun Fashion & Hurling Week.

This movie isn’t just Durty, it’s filthy.—Hurling Today

The rest of the Fall 2016 lineup, including Q & Jing-A, Mas & Mei, and Tiki, Mimi & Coco is coming soon!

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