Welcome to The Jumble | They got baked goods, instant portraits, vintage clothing, Tarot readings & more

By Jim Boyce | Want to spend an afternoon sipping Sangria, nibbling sweets and eying bargains while getting a glimpse into your future? Check out the monthly “jumble” at Hot Cat Club in Fangjia Hutong.

The jumble—also known as a rummage sale—features a wide range of homemade and secondhand goods. In Hot Cat’s case, that means everything from cookies, brownies and jams to clothing, jewelry and books to all kinds of knickknacks. Past jumbles have included eight-minute watercolor portraits, the perfect decoration for that bare wall above your bed, and Tarot card readings by Jonathan the Jovial, who will predict how your life shall soon become an even deeper and darker whirling eddy of despair. Winter is coming.

For those who enjoy beverages, there is Sangria, a selection of beers and cocktails, and a 100-kuai all-you-can-drink deal on mixers, Estrella beer and tequila shots.

“That 100-kuai deal is ace,” says Chief Jumbler Helen. Get in touch with her via wechat at helenisawinner.

The next jumble is 2 PM to 7 PM on Saturday, September 24, at Hot Cat Club in Fangjiu Hutong, with 360 Fashion, Flamingo Parlour, Jennie’s Oven, Jonathan the Jovial, and more. And if you have clothes you no longer want, you can drop them off that day for the charity Roundabout.


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