Sips & bites | Missy Hairy Crab, plus Miss Ma, IKI & Gung Ho

By Jim Boyce | A new player has shuffled into the beauty pageant world and it’s called Miss Hairy Crab. Six ladies are, ahem, clawing for the title—note: if we’re strictly seeking crabbiness, I have some candidates—and I dedicated one minute to each contestant’s Facebook profiles to decide my vote.

In a year of global political turmoil, when leadership is at a premium, this is what the average Miss Hairy Crab voter seeks: someone who actually wants to be Miss Hairy Crab. Of the six candidates, only four had recently posted anything about this contest: Alia Cheung and Sudi Wong. And since Cheung made a duck face in one post, something many voters would consider very Miss Hairy Crab 2014, I’m throwing my weight behind Wong.

Glad that’s sorted. And so is my outfit if I get invited to the pageant itself.


Meanwhile, restaurant Miss Ma soft-opened last week in the former Mongolia Bar space in China View. The focus here is Singaporean / Malaysian food and gives another option alongside the recently opened Lau Pa Sak in nearby Sanlitun SOHO. The Miss Ma team is led by manager Leo, a Sanlitun F&B veteran whose decade-plus stint started way back with The Loft.


Just a few meters north, IKI Korean restaurant is now open for lunch and thus gives us more chances to stuff our faces with that cheese bibimbap. For grill fans, the beef, pork and sausage options tend to be the favorites, but that under-rated IKI chicken is worth a try.


Finally, IKI neighbor Gung Ho is offering sweet weekday value, including a buy one, get one pizza deal on Tuesdays (in store only) and half-price chicken wings on Wednesday (including delivery). Wing options include buffalo, teriyaki BBQ, lemon pepper and spicy Hunan and, with the discount, come out to rmb5 per piece. If you’re on site, you can wash that down with buy one, get one free beer and cocktails from 7 PM to 10 PM. You can also take advantage of the lunch deal, from 11:30 AM to 2 PM daily, when all-you-can-eat pizza, salad and soft drinks is a mere rmb59 per person..


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