Sips & bites | Pop-Up + Arrow Factory beer partnership, plus XL, La Social & Dareen

By Jim Boyce | I recently posted about Arrow Factory doing a mid-Autumn festival special and teaming up with Jing-A on a Saigon beer event. Now here’s more malty news: these guys have bottled two of their brews and are selling them at Pop-Up Beijing.

Both Two Birds Lager and Guanxi Pale Ale are available in a 500 ml pop-top format. I’m a fan of that lager, a beer that’s fermented at a lower temperature than most, much milder than the ubiquitous IPAs in this city, and even better with a bit of age. It’s my go-to brew at Arrow Factory Brewing.

two-birds-lager-guanxi-ipa-arrow-factory-pop-up-beijing-china This comes on the heels of Pop-Up adding two beers from Nine Inch.

I’ve posted lots about the XL burger deal here and on social media and it’s just so good I need to do it again. XL, every Tuesday, half-price burgers. This is the bacon and blue cheese, with that pickle giving it a certain je nais sais quoi:


Dareen Shawarma has opened in TopWin in Sanlitun South, in the same B1 food and drink zone as Fat Boys burgers, Papp’s tea, CHEERS wine and a bunch of others. I haven’t tried it yet but those falafel wraps at rmb20 and shawarma with cheese at rmb25 are nicely priced.


You don’t find many cocktails in Beijing with Fernet Branca, so it was fun to see this bitter licorice-y herbal liqueur featured in a drink called Buenos Aires at La Social in Nali Patio. Even better, it was refreshing and delicious and priced right at rmb50.


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