Brews news | Pop-Up Beijing adds two Nine Inch options

By Jim Boyce | Pop-Up has added a pair of twists to its thoughtfully created wine list by adding two beers made in Beijing by The Nine Inch Brewing.

I tried both Thursday night. The wheat beer caught me off guard with its dominant smoked ham aromas alongside lesser but more typical ones like clove and citrus. In contrast to that big initial whiff, I found this beer slightly fruity and surprisingly light.

The IPA was far more predictable, with citrus, pine and flower smells—think spring meadow for the latter. If you find U.S. West Coast beers tend to be too hoppy, the more restrained nature of this one might be worth a try.

These Nine Inch beers, made by a couple who’ve studied home brewing for years, are rmb50 each. Apparently, Nine Inch only makes ~300 bottles per season and Pop-Up has 80 of them.

As for wine, bottles start at rmb180 both for takeaway or in-house imbibing. There are several rmb50 by-the-glass options, reduced to rmb35 during the daily happy hours from 5 PM to 7 PM.

nine-inch brewing wheat beer and ipa at pop-up beijing (2)

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