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By Jim Boyce | With The Beijinger bar awards, restaurant awards and Burger Cup in the rear view mirror, the last “vote for me” traffic for this year is straight ahead with The Pizza Cup. This year’s campaign is based around a Pizza Festival on October 15 and October 16 at Wangjing SOHO, with a month’s worth of deals preceding that bash and voting on the 64-venue pool starting right after it. That got me thinking about some of my favorite pizzas.

2015 Comfort Foods Beijing China Pizza Plus
Best Delivery Pizza

Pizza+. These guys still get ‘er done. My go-to pie remains the Capricciosa, a mouth-watering concoction with olives, artichokes and ham. When feeling like something fancier, I opt for The Forest, with sausage, walnuts, mushrooms and truffle cream. This is some of the best-value pizza in town, although high on sodium, so budget a two-liter bottle of Nongfu per pie.

2015 Comfort Foods Beijing China Smoked Ham and Mushroom Pizza at Gung Ho
Best Health Angle

Gung Ho! When I need a salad to make ordering pizza seem healthier, I call GHP. While there are numerous good options, I still lean toward the Greek salad—low-salt option available—created by Jeff Powell for the original menu. That flat parsley seals the deal. I also crack out my collection of Taco Bell hot sauce to spice those pies a bit.

2015 Comfort Foods Beijing China Nacho Pizza at Q Mex
Best Weird Topping

It might sound gross but the nacho pizza at Q Mex is a delicious combo of two comfort foods. Ingredients like guacamole, sour cream, nacho chips and more result in textural and flavorful delights. Half-price from 5 PM every Tuesday. Not surprisingly, some of the Q-Mex guys are involved in another tasty mashup, Baozza.

drunken shrimp pizza with josh lally of gung ho pizza at pop up beijing for world baijiu day.jpg
Special mention to Gung Ho for its “Drunken Shrimp” pizza, created for World Baijiu Day and held here by Josh “Las Vegas” Lally. The seafood was sauteed and flambeed in China’s national spirit.

2015 Comfort Foods Beijing China  (41)
Most Underrated Pie

Ten years ago, Buona had a special place in the hearts of many of my chef friends, the pizza equivalent of the KFC spicy chicken burger. There’s something about it that taps into primal needs. While Buona is still around, the 2015 edition of those pies come courtesy of The Irish Volunteer. Solid, dependable, good-value pizza that slows your bloodstream and makes the world seem warmer and fuzzier. Definitely fuzzier. Try the meaty “Canadian” pizza.

ramo pizza fangjia hutong beijing china 2.jpg
Best mention of Ramo pizza in this post

See above.

Pizzas I’ve Had Once and Liked and Need to Try Again

  • Mio
  • Bottega
  • Great Leap

Looks like it’s time for a lot more research…

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