One Bruce, one Scotch, one beer | Connolly to present 30 photos from 30 years of China travel

bruce connolly china photos 3By Jim Boyce | Bruce Connolly first visited China in 1987 as a strapping Scottish lad and has since regularly crisscrossed the country taking photos and recording stories. To mark those three decades, he’ll present 30 photos on the four-meter screen at Q Bar  at 4 PM, Sunday, September 4. Connolly, who works for AM774, will give a minute or two of context for each and answer any questions. It’s a good chance to see one person’s view of the dynamic changes China has experienced since the 1980s.

To celebrate Connolly’s birthplace and adopted homeland, Q Bar will have a One Bruce, One Scotch, One Beer deal. Get a 40 ml pour of Scotch and an  ice-cold Tsingtao chaser for rmb50. Happy hour—with buy one, get one free cocktails—will be in effect until 8 PM.

The event is from 4 PM to 5:30 PM on September 4. Q Bar on the top floor of Chang’an Business Hotel at the corner of Sanlitun and Workers Stadium south streets, 50 meters south of Beer Mania (see this map). If you plan to attend, it would be much appreciated if you let us know at bruceconnolly (at) or beijingboyce (at)

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