Straight outta Clumpton | Clinton vs Trump tomorrow at Bridge Cafe and The Local in Beijing

By Jim Boyce | Imagine how someone waking from a decade-long coma might react to this recent photo:

Wow, everyone has their backs to Hillary Clinton, guess she’s even more unlikable than ever! Not exactly. What this photo reveals is just how much we have become Planet Selfie. Also, I can hardly wait until 20 years from now as Millennials reminisce about the ‘good old days’ when one actually held one’s phone for selfies rather than had one’s team of personal drones swoop down and take perfect images from eight different angles. These kids and their personal drones, they don’t know how good they have it!

Anyway, the photo hails from the political trail of the nation that has given us the highs of the Internet, Firefly, Taco Bell Hot Sauce and tasty craft beer (USA! USA!), the lows of Clippy the Paperclip, Jersey Shore, Agent Orange and Hair in a Can, and now an impending sense of doom due to an upcoming debate between two presidential candidates that offer as fun a choice as listening to either “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 or Blurred Lines” by Alan Thicke on continuous loop while trapped for 24 hours in a car wreck on a deserted road. Did I already use that USA! USA! line?

It’s Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, it’s tomorrow morning, and it’s kind of scary the world’s most powerful nation is at this point. Watch the debate live in Beijing at The Bridge Cafe in Wudaokou as part of a Democrats Abroad in China event. The American Chamber of Commerce is also holding an event—it is teaming up with the Yale Center and Penn Wharton Center at the JW Marriott—but that one is sold out.

If that’s too early, or you have a work conflict, watch the repeat tomorrow night either at The Bridge Cafe or The Local. The latter will feature a buy one, get one deal on Vedett. Fun drinking game: take a gulp of beer every time you feel an overwhelming sense of doom during the debate. You’ll be trashed in twenty minutes.


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