Jia mo! | Maovember 2016 kicks off with events at XL, Pizza Cup

By Jim Boyce | Maovember 2016 kicked off its annual campaign on Friday at XL Restaurant & Bar, then followed it up by spending the weekend at The Beijinger Pizza Cup. The launch party raised money via darts, picklebacks and Maovember pin sales, with more than 100 of the latter sold, including to venue partners Cafe de la Poste, Punjabi, Beer Mania, Home Plate Barbecue, Paddy O’Shea’s, CHEERS and The Irish Volunteer. The focus then shifted to the Pizza Cup and raising funds via beer and corn toss, with brews donated by Kentucky Ale, prizes by CHEERS and the booth by The Beijinger.

Funds raised by the month-long Maovember campaign goes to Good Works and Library Project. Learn more about Maovember here, check the upcoming events list here and see how to get involved here.

Here’s a collage of some pin buyers during the first days of the Maovember 2016 campaign.


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