24 days of Christmas | Beer Mania starts Advent calendar specials

This year’s Maovember campaign meant lots of memorable visits to Beer Mania, including for this, this and this. A Sanlitun veteran of over a dozen years,  this place also continues to offer one of the city’s best happy hour deals, with half-price draft Belgian beer from 4 PM to 8 PM on weekdays and 5 PM to 7 PM on weekends. Pick from a half-dozen options, starting at rmb20 with discount. Now Beer Mania has started an Advent calendar promotion, with 24 days food and drink specials ahead of Christmas.

Just go here, click the current date, and check the special. (Or use the QR code on the site to do it on WeChat.)


Here’s today’s special. (Yesterday it was half-price pizza.)


I stopped by on Friday when the Advent special was half-price fries. (Friday, fries day, get it?) A friend and I tried all three options—potato, chicken-topped and cheese- and bacon-topped versions—and then slowly slipped into a food coma.

Anyway, good to see that even all these years, Beer Mania is still coming up with fun and creative ways to get us eating and drinking. You can find it on Sanlitun South Road, on the same stretch as Q Bar and the new Slow Boat Brewery.

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