Beijing barn burner | Fifth annual pond hockey tournament coming up!

By Jim Boyce | It’s that time of year again when the cool kids lace up their skates for the annual Pond Hockey tournament in Beijing. This year’s two-day ice extravaganza, organized by Can Life Sports, starts on January 13 at Dulwich College and wraps up on January 14 at the Millennium Monument. Yeah, it’s usually at Houhai but I guess the ice ain’t looking like it’ll be solid enough for some rock ’em, sock ’em four-on-four hockey. By the way, there are no goalies so expect plenty of swift action.

Also, there is a Sunday fun skate at the base of the Great Wall on the slate—Curtis Dracz of Can Life says he’ll head up to the site early next week to check the ice. Stay tuned!

See below for more details on the pond hockey weekend—and note that you need your passport or Chinese ID if you plan to attend. And get more info via sasha (at)

(By the way, how about them Leafs? Finally giving us something to cheer about with all those rookies—six of the top 17 in the league—and that recent five-game win streak. Go Leafs!)

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