Hello Bo! | Veteran Hector Jiang opens Italian restaurant in Caochangdi

By Jim Boyce
| For a long while, the best one-two wine shop punch in Beijing consisted of Jim Yang and Hector Jiang at Pudao, two nice guys who knew their stuff but, well, seemed out of place. Sun moved to the corporate office about a year ago, then, in October, Jiang left and resurfaced in December doing what he loves best: running a restaurant.

His new place Bo—his full name is Jiang Bo—is in Caochangdi and marked its first month of business yesterday. I’ve yet to visit but wechat buddy NomNate says he had a tasty set lunch with salmon tartare, spaghetti bolognese and a Catalonian-style flan with pineapple. For a sweet soft opening price of rmb38.

“He does wine pairings in the evening,” adds NomNate. “He’s just a very nice guy who seems to be putting his heart into something,”

This place looks promising given Jiang’s previous stint as co-owner of former Italian restaurant Luce and his background at Pudao. In terms of wine, the lineup is solely ‘old world’, split 30 percent French, 30 percent Italian and 20 percent Spanish, with a smattering of labels from other nations.

Meanwhile, the food focus is “simple, healthy and fresh Italian”, says Jiang, who adds he sources fresh ingredients each morning.

He currently offers lunch—with salad, entree and dessert sets—and will add a four-course dinner after Chinese New Year. He has antipastos and tapas to pair with the wines.

Bo is open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 AM to 10 PM, with lunch from noon to 2:30 PM. The address is CCD300, Apartment 7, Caochangdi. Due to limited seating, reservations via 13811535714 are recommended.

More on this place once I get out there for a visit.

(Panorama photo courtesy of NomNate, food and venue photos courtesy of Bo.)

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