Talking shop | Dandy deals at TopWin April Gourmet

By Jim Boyce | I grab my groceries at a lot of spots in the Gongti-Sanlitun zone, from the fresh markets to Qi Yuan grocery just behind Yashow to good old Jingkelong, 7-ELEVEN and Lin’s. But I’ve found myself stopping into the April Gourmet in TopWin a lot more because there are just so many deals. Case in point, I dropped by yesterday and grabbed:

  • A 150-gram bag of Tyrell’s cheddar and chive potato chips for rmb12.
  • A 250-gram bag of ground Italian Coop coffee for rmb10.
  • A large bar of 72 percent cacao chocolate for rmb12 (to replace the once I used for this).
  • And a three-pack of Lady Liberty microwave popcorn—straight outta Shannon, Illinois!—for rmb13.

There are always lots more discounts, on everything from cookies to pasta sauce to TimTams, so it’s worth checking out. By the way, none of the items were beyond their “past due” date. The chips and coffee listed March, the chocolate May and the popcorn August.

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