Dudes, drones and bikes | Five wacky fireworks videos from Year of the Rooster

By Jim Boyce | The Chinese New year holiday break means more time to hang out with friends, guzzle my favorite drinks and foods, and surf the ‘net. As regards the latter, here are five of the crazier fireworks videos I’ve seen over the past week.

This People’s Daily clip shows the always popular annual rite of taping a box of rockets to a pole, standing at a distance from your buddy and then firing at him. Like PD says, “Extremely dangerous street fight”:

The next clip pretty much features the same scene, except it’s day, the guys are older, and they look way more relaxed—at least in the beginning:

If you can’t settle your score on the ground, take it to the air. Here two drones, armed with fireworks, fire at each other:

Then there are the solo types. This guy is enjoying himself as rockets fire from the front of his bike and sparklers fizzle at the back:

This molten iron “fireworks” clip from CGTN is also pretty cool:

As amusing, or disturbing, as those clips might be, my all-time favorite fireworks video remains this one I made from my apartment in Beijing in 2017.

Best of luck to everyone in Year of the Rooster!

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