Wine Jobs! Sales Manager Positions at Jebsen, CHEERS & Roque

By Jim Boyce | No money, no funny, they say, so it’s no surprise wine jobs listings are often about sales, sales, sales. Here are three positions up for grabs in Beijing.

Sales Manager, Jebson

The manager’s duties include customer care, meeting sales targets and finding news clients. The job also involves handling promotional activities, leading junior sales team members, and more. A university degree, wine knowledge and three to five years of sales experience in wine and spirits required. The candidate should have a network of trade contacts. He or she should also have good communications skills and fluency in English. For more details and to apply, click here.

Regional Sales Manager, CHEERS

Duties include handling all regional stores, executing sales plans, doing in-store training and being a brand ambassador. The manager is in weekly contact with store managers and make monthly visits. He / she accumulate forecasts, analyze trends and is involved in events like marketing campaigns, tastings and store openings. This position reports to head office, with the possibility of promotion to area manager. The candidate should have two or more years experience in retail at a regional manager level, good analytical skills, an eye for trends and good English skills. To apply, contact hr (at)

Regional Sales Manager, Roque

Self-described as having a “startup mentality”, Roque represents forty family owned labels, including New Zealand’s The Crater Rim, Spain’s Parés Baltà and Argentina’s Manos Negra. The company seeks a sales-oriented person with four or more years experience, preferably in sales or management, and strong Chinese- and English-language skills. The sales manager is expected to meet monthly targets for on-trade and private clients. The successful candidate will maintain relationships with restaurants, hotels and private clients and develop new business opportunities. If interested, send your CV to Tom Cui via tom (at)

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