Seas the day! Chef Zach Lewison Moving to South Pacific

By Jim Boyce | Hey, it’s Zach Lewison! You might recall him from such venues as Union Bar & Grille, Parkside, Kro’s Nest, 3sums, Irish Volunteer, Hockey Bar and The Garage, among others. Plus numerous Maovember events, the Epic Sanlitun Snowball Fight of 2009 and the city’s top cornhole contests.

Lewison moved to Beijing just after the Olympics to work at Union, which has since closed. His hobbies included hanging out at The Rickshaw, playing drums at Tun Bar and talking about an amazing eatery named The Chicken Koop in his native state of Florida. He also showed skills beyond the kitchen, notably, by being the only person at Union tall enough to use a broom to reach up and reset the wireless server. Trust me, that act greatly reduced customer stress levels. Good times!

Anyway, Lewison’s next stop is sunny Guam, with a climate much closer to his home. Plus, it has two Taco Bells. (I’m not saying that’s why he’s moving there. And I’m not saying it’s not.) Good luck, Zach.

Here are a dozen photos of the man in question. Can you guess where each was taken? Answers below the gallery.

Row 1: Union Bar & Grille, Irish Volunteer, Irish Volunteer, Tun Bar
Row 2: Salud, Jing-A, Home Plate, Hmm, not sure (perhaps Fubar?)
Row 3: Hockey Bar, Tiki Bungalow, Zeta Bar, Yashow Market

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