Choose one! The nine cards of (Beijing) Christmas

Help me pick a Christmas card for 2017! Photos from this year and years past. Which image captures Beijing best now!?

1. Ho ho Joe!

A Merry Christmas is a Sanitary Christmas. (At Joe’s Bar & Grill)

2. Paddy O’Santa’s

On the first day of Christmas… get out of my bar!

3. Frosty the Snowren

Prefers Zhongnanhai herbal smokes to corncob pipe.

4. Mike WesWEAter.

This jumper gets everyone into the giddy holiday spirit.

5. Swinging Santa

All he wants for Christmas is to for that Hilton rope to hold.

6. SwissMas!

Harmonious hot drinks with Swiss folk at German Christmas Fair.

7. Lonely Beer at The Volunteer

Last Christmas, you gave me this beer. The very next day, it wasn’t too clear.

8. Holy Smokes

Nothing says Christmas like a snow-covered street bong.

9. Christmas Lion, Hidden Dragon

I am Santa, hear me roar.

Let me know in the comments or at beijingboyce (at) I posted this on WeChat, too, and Frosty the Snowren is winning as usual. Frosty being Frosty.

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