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By Jim Boyce | Beijing-based bon vivant Andres Vargas asked me at noon on Monday if I knew of any good sources on food deals. Hmm, I do have a WeChat group like that and these food and drink pages on this blog. But why not a new consumers-only WeChat collective? The group BEDD—Beijing Eats & Drinks Deals—was up an hour later.

BEDD is for consumers to share and discuss deals. Half-price deals, two for ones, all you can eats, one-off specials, free tastings and more. The slogans are “go to BEDD”—ha ha ha ha, sigh—and “eat, drink and save money”.

Lots of bar and restaurant people have asked to join but experience says they will end up the majority and that will defeat the purpose of sharing their awesome deals. So it’ll be limited to regular ol’ consumers. If you are one, and would like to join, scan the QR code below. And if you have deals to share, let me know at beijingboyce (at) yahoo.com.

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