Bar news | Mokihi on Lucky Street closes, Mokihi 3.3 goes on

By Jim Boyce | Sad news that veteran cocktail bar Mokihi on Lucky Street closed, a bar that helped further establish the quality drink scene here in Beijing. Mokihi was opened by Motonari Uchiyama, who long-timers might also remember from his past projects with Daisuke Onishi, places like Twilight and Er. Both were early partners in Apothecary.

The good news: Uchiyama’s newer Mokihi bar, in Sanlitun’s 3.3 building, is still open as are Onishi’s VinVino, a wine and tapas bar, and Tora Tori-Ya Yakitori and Highball Bar.

Mokihi on Lucky Street had a speakeasy feel at a time when such venues weren’t so ubiquitous, and fit into what regulars came to expect at Er and Twilight. It offered a modestly sized comfortably lit space, with a dozen or so seats, where you could expect capable service, well-made drinks — I veered toward the Aviation — and a “get away from it all” atmosphere. It’s sad to see Mokihi close but good that both Uchiyama and Onishi are still very active in the bar scene.

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