Cheese, please. Nine fondue options in Beijing

Okay, not all nine options are for fondue, two are for raclette, but this list should keep bread-and-potato-into-melted-cheese dipping fans satisfied. Onishi Saketen is getting in on the action this year with a blend of young and old Comte, a cheese from eastern France, which is given a boost with Savagnin wine and a splash of pear brandy, says Daisuke Onishi. And it comes with sour dough bread that Onishi makes himself, thus sharing his baking hobby with the wider public!

CHEERS first kitchen, at its Sanyuanqiao branch, has seen lots of additions over the past few months and the latest is fondue, which makes sense since given the company’s Swiss founders. CHEERS’ David Schaumann has slated the first fondue session for Sunday—the price is rmb169 per person and includes a glass of wine made with Fendant grapes, a classis Swiss pairing for fondue—and is is already sold out. The second session, on December 27, still has seats and it’s best to sign up ASAP before they are gone.

Some of the city’s best stops for French comfort food are also getting cheesy. That includes O’Steak, Maison Lyonnais and Bistro 108. You can also enjoy Swiss fondue in the fancier digs of George’s in Hotel Eclat.

Not everyone is sharing fondue with friends or is seeking a free-flow deal. For those seeking a single serving, the wine bar TRiO and the restaurant Roots both have “mini” fondue on the menu.

Finally, Zarah in the Gulou area is offering fondue nightly from 6 PM and also has a special Christmas-y session on the 24th that includes a free-flow of dipping items, appetizers and desserts. Check out the details below.

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