Hole foods: Bagels available from Traitor Zhou’s

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Where to get bagels now that Tavalin is closed? One option is from Traitor Zhou’s.

Max Levy, known for his work at Okra, is making bagels to order. For the moment, these are only available around Sanlitun, the minimum order is a dozen (at rmb12 per bagel) and people need to order one day in advance.

“There are real bagels”, says Levy. “We malt our own syrup from barley and we use our own live starter for the dough. They are boiled and then baked on stone.”

Look for more bagel access after Chinese New Year as Levy plans to not only open a new deli but also stock the bagels — and hopefully other items he makes, such as doughnuts and cream cheeses, including plain, chorizo, salted plum and miso caramel flavored — at locations about town.

You can find contact details for Traitor Zhou’s here.  Levy says the easiest way to place your order is through the weixin account “Traitor Zhous”.

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