Temple Restaurant Beijing is open — and promoting China wine — as usual.

temple restaurant beijing dinner with kanaan wine.jpg

Much chatter these days about Temple Restaurant Beijing and whether or not it is open, given Chinese media reports that unregistered private clubs operating within temple grounds in Beijing are being or will be shut down.

First, TRB is open. Second, TRB is not private, but public, and anyone can dine there. Third, to the best of my knowledge, TRB is fully registered.

TRB deserves the opposite attention it is getting, namely, it should be recognized as promoting China. I don’t simply mean it is a superb restaurant with exceptional service and that is good for the status of Beijing. I mean that no restaurant has done more to promote Chinese wine than TRB. It has the biggest and best menu — with more than two dozen options — and has been responsible for giving countless people their first good experience of local wine.

If you are interested in more about TRB and wine, check out it’s online wine shop.

(Photos are from a dinner last month at TRB.)

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