Now in Beijing: Kanaan wines from Ningxia

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As oft noted, China has a growing number of good wines but finding them in our fair city is often difficult. Good news, then, that wines from quality operation Kanaan in the Ningxia region are now available at two venues in Beijing.

The first is Temple Restaurant Beijing, where you can get the wines in the restaurant as well as from TRB’s online shop. The Pretty Pony Cabernet-Merlot, at rmb198 online, is a worthy wine and will be of interest to those who have tried the better options from the likes of Grace Vineyard, Silver Heights and Great River Hill. I suggest taking this one slow and giving it plenty of time to breath. TRB is also selling Kanaan’s pricier Cabernet-Merlot, called Black Beauty, at rmb450. You can order here.

Meanwhile, Pudao Wines shop is stocking three Kanaan products, including a pleasant Riesling that shows the potential for white wines in China, and an easy-drinking red blend called Gutenland, a wine I plan to have during the Chinese New Year — it’s ganbei-friendly. Those are both rmb150 per bottle. Pudao Wines also has Pretty Pony, but at rmb295 it’s almost rmb100 more than at TRB.

The Kanaan wines aren’t listed yet in Pudao Wines online portfolio yet but you can find details about them here. If you are interested in buying, I suggest you call to check availability.

By the way, an event at Pudao Wines last Saturday included a semisweet Riesling-Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc that has done exceptionally well in tastings I have held. That one is not in stock yet, but when it is, I’ll update with the price and order details.

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