Tuesday night eats: Try the half-price nacho pizza at Q-Mex

nacho pizza at q mex beijing china.jpg

Most people love a good half-price deal and it’s even better when you find something for which you would actually be willing to pay double. So it is with the nacho pizza at Q-Mex.

My buddy BR and I went to Q-Mex last Tuesday. For some reason, we believed this place had a “Taco Tuesday” special, but instead it was half-price pizzas. I looked at the menu, saw nacho pizza, figured something that combined two of my favorite comfort foods had potential, and ordered it.

It turned out even better than I expected. Not only because of the flavors, from the beef to the salsa to the sour cream. But also because of the textures, from the creamy guacamole to the crisp chips on top.

I’d pay rmb70 for that pizza. At half-price — just rmb35 on Tuesdays — it’s an excellent deal.

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