Holy sheep! One-kuai CNY beer happy hour at Irish Volunteer

Cleaning house usually results in two piles: one of dust bunnies and one of small change. But while I can’t convert a pile of dirt into delicious mid-afternoon liquid refreshment, I can perform that trick with a handful or two of those fen, jiao and one-kuai notes given that The Irish Volunteer and The Hockey Bar — side by side, like Borje Salming and Ian Turnbull, in Lido — plan to hold a “CNY Power Hour” from 3 PM to 4 PM from February 17 to February 24.

During that hour, you can get a crisp clean ice-cold draft Tsingtao for one kuai. The Irish Volunteer uses small kegs of Tsingtao, which apparently results in tastier beer. I believe I heard, during my last visit, one person describe it as “the flavor of freedom”.

In any case, if you have a few extra kuai and a need to satiate a mid-afternoon thirst, give this place a try.

Update: The Irish Volunteer will also team with Comedy Club China on February 20 for some funny business. The stand up lineup will feature seven comedians, including Toby Jarman, well-known among The Irish Volunteer for his charity corn-holing skills. Doors open at 8 PM, show starts at 9 PM, the 50 kuai entry fee includes a draft beer or a “penalty shot” (trust me, take the draft beer).

irish volunteer one kuai draft tsingtao beijing china

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