Shangrila Farms: I just bought a ton of half-price Yunnan coffee

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Actually, I bought three kilograms of coffee, but that’s close enough.

Every quarter of so, Shangrila Farms has a half-price sale on its Yunnan coffee — and often on other local products, such as honey, soaps and bath salts. That means you can buy a 250-gram bag starting from a mere 21 kuai — or about what you would normally pay for one cup at many restaurants or coffee shops.

The coffee is available in bean or ground form and I picked up a dozen bags today, including three each of Yunnan Blue Supreme (regular price: rmb68, sale price: rmb34), Caravan Breakfast (regular rmb62, sale rmb31), Meili Mountain (regular rm52, sale rmb26) and Shangrila (regular rmb42, sale rmb21). That’s a lot of coffee for just over rmb300 and I’ll use some of it myself and given some of it to a few hardcore coffee-loving acquaintances to try.

Why is it so cheap? These particular bags either have imperfect packaging or are within six months of expiry. But, says the team at Shangri-La, “We guarantee that these products are still good and tasty”. That’s always been the case with the products I have bought.

I’ve also bought Shangrila coffee at April Gourmet, and at some local fairs, such as the annual Jue Market. And the staff says their products are also at Nick’s Mart and the Wow New chain of stores.

To get more details about Shangrila Farms, including on the range of products, the Taobao store, and more, check the company website here. You can also reach the office directly via 8451-0613 / sales (at)

To get info about upcoming deals, I suggest sending a message to admin (at) and ask to get on their e-newsletter mailing list.


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  1. I emailed them too, and they sent me a pricelist within a few hours.
    Had some of their coffee for breakfast this morning!

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