Hump Day Happiness: A Five-Step Food Program to Beat the Mid-Week Blues

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Let’s say you’re having a bad hump day and want nothing more than to comfort food your way back to inner joy. Here’s a five-step program to take advantage of some excellent Wednesday deals within easy walking distance of each other.

1. Have you been to THE BAR-B-Q, the new smoked meat joint beneath The Bar and in the former By the Tree? No. Tonight is a good time to make a call as this place has a buy one, get one chopped brisket sandwich deal. Your 45 kuai gets you two such sandwiches.

2. With brisket in your belly, it’s time for an abundance of textures, a food both warm and cool, crisp and soft: tacos. They’re half-price at LUGA’S VILLA, 100 meters from The Bar. Luga’s has fish, chicken, pork and beef options from 60 kuai, which tonight means from 30 kuai.

3. Maintain the Tex-Mex theme with a visit to Q-MEX, about a five-minute walk away. Get a regular heaping pile of nachos at half the price. If memory serves, the options start from 65 kuai, which means just over 30 kuai tonight, and allows you to stuff your face with tortilla-based goodness for cheap.

4. Just how hungry are you? The chicken wings at THE LOCAL, just around the corner from Q-Mex, give you leeway on portion size and thus allow you to set up for the last stop. Feeling a touch full? You can order, say, five wings (get the Buffalo, they’re best). Still feeling famished? You can order, say, 200. They are only three kuai each on Wednesdays, bird feed given the price at many places.

5. Finally, stop for one of the best once-a-week foods in Beijing: chili at JING-A, a mere 50 meters from The Local. Chili is only available Wednesdays, comes sprinkled with cheese and jalapeno peppers and with sides of tortilla chips and sour cream, and will fill every last little available space in your tummy. An order is 30 kuai.

I realize there are other Wednesday night food specials in that area and that I could have created a ten-step program, and also that I could have included some drink deals, but this ought to get your started. Plus, I’m busy today, so perhaps a ten-step program, complete with booze options, will appear in the near future.

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